Credit for Prior Learning

Save time and money on your degree or certificate program by earning credit for what you already know.

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If you have received training or performed related work experience, you may qualify for credits at CNM.

Contact an advisor or call the Grad & Eval Office at (505) 224-3209 for more information.

Credit for Prior Learning (CPL), also known as Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), describes several methods used by CNM to assess college-level learning that a student obtained outside of the Institution in order to award college credit towards a degree or certificate program.

Quick Student CPL Reference Guide

Credit for Prior Learning Quick Reference Document Download

Credit for Prior Learning Options

There are three ways for you to show us that your knowledge is college-level in order to earn credit towards your program: Pass it, Provide it, or Prove it.

Pass It:

Provide It:

Prove It:

  • Prove your level of knowledge for a course by developing an electronic learning portfolio and submitting it for Portfolio Assessment. (Clicking on this link will take you to the new CNM ePortfolio website, where you can review courses available for portfolio assessment, find out more, or submit a request.)

Things to Consider When Requesting CPL


In order to apply for and receive CPL, you must be an active CNM certificate or degree seeking student.

Financial Aid

Financial aid does not cover the costs of CPL. However, financial aid and VA benefits may be affected by credit hours awarded through CPL methods. Speak with a Financial Aid representative to find out how credit earned through the CPL Program may affect your award.

Acceptance of CPL Awards at Other Institutions

CPL is granted only for the purpose of satisfying CNM graduation requirements. These credits may not be accepted at other colleges. Students are responsible for contacting the institution to which they intend to transfer to determine that institution’s policy on accepting CPL awarded at CNM.

Credit for Prior Learning Policy

To find out more about credit for prior learning at CNM, see the CPL Policy.

Student CPL Handbook

Review the CNM Student CPL Handbook for more information.

For Other Colleges and Universities

CNM’s CPL Program strives for an appropriate balance of consistency, flexibility, rigor, and academic program integrity. A course-equivalency model is used to determine the award of credit for all prior learning assessment methods.