Partner With CNM

Do you represent a university or college that wants to establish a transfer agreement with CNM?


[email protected]
(505) 224-4000 ext. 53075

If you are interested in creating a transfer agreement with Central New Mexico Community College, please send us an email with information about the following:

  • Mission/Vision/Strategic Plan: the agreement is in alignment with the CNM mission, vision, and strategic plan.
  • Accredited Institution: the degree granting institution will be regionally accredited.
  • Demand: a substantial number of CNM students have transferred into, are currently enrolled in, or have graduated from the degree granting institution.
  • Academic Opportunities: the degree granting institution is beneficial to CNM students in terms of program offerings.
  • Ease of Transfer: the degree granting institution supports the concept of seamless transfer and acknowledges that transfer students have met certain competencies and therefore, will not be required to repeat competencies already achieved.
  • Outcomes: Graduation and completion success rate of CNM transfer students at receiving transfer institution.

Read more information about the transfer agreement guidelines and process. These documents will help you provide information for creating a transfer agreement with us.