How to Set Up a Payment Plan

Go to myCNM to set up your payment plan.

1.  Begin by logging in to myCNM at

Screenshot of the CNM site, highlighting the myCNM link on the top left, second from the left.

2. After you log in to myCNM, if the left-side menu is not visible, click the menu icon in the upper left corner: Menu icon, 3  small horizontal white lines on a blue background.

3. Click on the Cashier link located in the left-side menu.

Screenshot of the myCNM side menu, highlighting the cashier tab, the 6th option from top.

4. Click on the "Pay Here" in the "Make a Payment" box on the right-hand side.

Screenshot of the cashier's webpage, highlighting the pay here link, under make a payment on the right.

5. Click on the Student Account Center Button.

Screenshot of the myCNM student page, highlighting the student account center link.

6. The CNM Student Account Center will open in a new browser. Click on "Payment Plans."

Screenshot of the top bar with the payment plans link highlighted, the 4th option from left.

7. Click on "Enroll Now."

Screenshot of the payment plan page, with the enroll now link highlighted.

Next Step: Enroll in Payment Plan