Article 19: Job Descriptions

Collective Bargaining Agreement for Full-Time Faculty


The parties agree that job descriptions are intended to provide a general description of the duties to be performed by the incumbent, not an all-inclusive list of duties. Employees are responsible for performing the work assigned to them whether or not it is specifically identified in their job description.


During the life of this Agreement the College may modify job descriptions on an as needed basis. If a job description is modified, the employee will be provided a copy. The Union, upon request, will be provided copies of the modified job descriptions from the Human Resources Department.  In the event faculty members or the Union have concerns regarding modified job descriptions or additional work assignments, those concerns may be raised in the Faculty Management Committee.


If the College requires additional certification that becomes a new minimum qualification for current faculty to retain their employment, reasonable accommodations will be provided to the faculty member which will include fees and paid time or course release time for coursework and may include necessary travel expenses.