Article 2: Recognition

Collective Bargaining Agreement for Full-Time Faculty


The Governing Board of the College hereby recognizes the CNM Employees Union as the exclusive representative for all full-time faculty for the purposes set forth in the Board’s Collective Bargaining Policy. It is understood that an employee hired in a faculty capacity on a temporary or limited term basis is not covered by this Agreement for a period of two years from the date of hire.


In accordance with the Public Employee Bargaining Act, the faculty bargaining unit was established prior to July 1, 1999, and shall continue to be recognized as an appropriate bargaining unit for the purpose of the Public Employee bargaining Act.


This recognition is based upon the CNM Labor Management Relations Board Second Amended Certification of Representative dated April 22, 2015.  If the College establishes a position that either party believes should be included within the full-time faculty bargaining unit, the new position will be incorporated into the bargaining unit if the parties agree to the inclusion and/or the State of New Mexico Labor-Relations Board rules that the position belongs in the unit.