Article 21: Benefit Programs

Collective Bargaining Agreement for Maintenance and Operations


The College will continue to offer group health, dental, vision, and life insurance options to the employees in the bargaining unit.


Premiums for the insurance coverages offered to bargaining unit employees are based upon the cost of such premium being split between the College and the employee on a percentage basis, based upon the employees income level, in accordance with the College's practices. Should there be an increase in the premium, such cost shall be apportioned based upon the respective percentages paid by the College and the employee. In the event the College changes insurance providers, the premium will continue to be based upon a sliding scale in accordance with the College's practices.


The parties agree to cooperate in exchanging information regarding the insurance benefits offered as well as employee participation rates and provider preference.


Copies of current insurance programs are available on-line and can be accessed by going to the CNM-HR SharePoint web page.


Employees who choose to participate in these insurance programs will have their premium payments deducted through payroll deductions for all coverage. Employees who do not receive a paycheck for any reason, will be responsible for making the required premium payments in order to retain insurance coverage.


The parties acknowledge that changes in benefits provided herein may occur from time to time during the course of this Agreement. The College will share information with the Union as changes occur and when appropriate, in advance of the changes being implemented.