Article 6: Dues Deduction

Collective Bargaining Agreement for Maintenance and Operations


In accordance with the provisions of this Article, the College agrees to deduct from the wages of employees in the bargaining unit biweekly Union dues on the basis of a properly executed authorization to make such deductions, on a form provided by the Union. The form must be signed by the employee (see Exhibit A). If the employer receives the dues deduction card from the bargaining unit employee, the employer will scan and email or fax the card to the Local Union.


The amount of the deduction to be made from each employee's wages will be certified, in writing, to the College by the Secretary-Treasurer of the Union. In the event Union dues are changed, the College agrees to effect such changes in the deductions within thirty (30) days following the receipt of a written notice from the Secretary-Treasurer of the Union.


The College will temporarily cease individual deductions when:


the employee is temporarily transferred out of the bargaining unit for a period of more than two (2) months, and


the employee is on a leave of absence without pay.


The College will stop individual deductions when:


the employee gives notice to the Union 10 days prior to July 1 by signing a letter which requests that the employee's dues deduction authorization be revoked. Within 10 days of receipt of notice from the employee of revocation of authorization for the payroll deduction of dues, the Union shall provide notice to the College of the employee’s revocation of that authorization. Such termination shall become effective within 30 days upon receipt of the signed letter to the College from the Union.


the employee is no longer in the employ of the College; and


when the employee is permanently transferred out of the bargaining unit.


The College agrees to make two (2) deductions per month from the wages earned by each member and remit such deductions to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Union within two (2) weeks following the second deduction of the month.


The College agrees to provide a list containing the names and the amount of dues deducted.


The College agrees to assume the cost of making, such deductions.


It is understood that the Employer assumes no further responsibility in connection with this authorized deduction except to act as a remitting agent in forwarding the amount deducted to the Secretary-Treasurer of the Communications Workers of America.


The Union, its membership and the individual members of the bargaining unit agree to hold the Employer safe and harmless and indemnify the Employer for any legal action concerning the deducting of Union dues or failure to deduct Union dues.