Article 2: Definitions

Collective Bargaining Agreement for Part-Time Faculty

Unless otherwise specifically defined elsewhere in the agreement, the following definitions shall be applicable throughout the Agreement.


AGREEMENT – This contract between the Governing Board and the Union.


BARGAINING UNIT – In accordance with the Public Employee Bargaining Act, the part-time faculty bargaining unit was established prior to July 1, 1999 and shall continue to be recognized as an appropriate bargaining unit for the purpose of the Public Employee Bargaining Act.


BOARD – NM Public Employee Labor Relations Board (PELRB).


COLLEGE – shall mean the Central New Mexico Community College or CNM. 


GOVERNING BOARD – shall mean the Central New Mexico Community College Governing Board.


UNION – shall mean the CNM Employees Union, CNM Part-Time Faculty.


PART-TIME FACULTY MEMBER – shall mean a part-time faculty employee who is hired as a part-time faculty. A part-time faculty member can become a full-time faculty member only if he/she applies and is officially selected into a full-time position.


DAYS – shall mean Monday through Friday except for holidays which are observed by the College.


POLICY – the Board’s Collective Bargaining Policy (Governing Board Resolution 2020-53).


WORKSITE REPRESENTATIVE – a Union member who is designated by the Union to represent the Union.


PRESIDENT – the chief executive officer of CNM.                                    


MANAGEMENT - means an employee who is engaged primarily in executive and management functions and is charged with the responsibility of developing, implementing, administering or effectuating management procedures or board policies. An employee shall not be deemed a management employee solely because the employee participates in cooperative decision-making programs on an occasional basis. Management employees are not part of the part-time bargaining unit.