Article 31: Compensation

Collective Bargaining Agreement for Instructional Support

The parties shall execute a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which will establish the conditions under which compensation shall be addressed during Academic Year 2020-2021.

Employees whose base pay exceeds the maximum of the position’s pay range as a result of a pay increase, will have their base pay adjusted to the maximum of their position’s pay range. The amount in excess of the maximum of the pay range will be paid to the employee as a non-recurring payment through Academic Year 2019-2020.  

Pay increases and decreases during the term of this agreement shall be decided by the Governing Board.

Employees who receive a pay increase during their trial period, or who are hired at a higher entry rate as a result of budget action that is effective at the beginning of the academic year (September 1st), shall not be eligible for another increase, as a result of the current negotiation session, when they enter the bargaining unit by completing their trial period. However, these employees shall be eligible for any pay increase that occurs thereafter in accordance with the next normal collective bargaining cycle.

If the Governing Board, during Academic Year 2020-2021 or Academic Year 2021-2022, grants an out of cycle wage increase to the total population of non-represented employees, and the parties are not already engaged in collective bargaining, the same wage increase with the same effective date will be automatically granted to ISU employees, unless the Union or the College requests to change a term or condition of employment that must be negotiated. In the event that the Union or the College requests to change a term or condition of employment, the parties shall commence negotiations immediately following approval of the wage increase granted by the Governing Board  to the total population of non-represented employees. If out of cycle negotiations are opened, they will be limited to wages and one other item.

31.1 Philosophical Agreement of the Parties

The parties agree that by accepting this agreement the issue of whether Instructional Support Unit employees should be on a year round (2080) schedule is resolved and follows the Academic Year Calendar and the policy contained in the Employee Handbook. The Union agrees that these employees are instructional and follow the academic yearly calendar in accordance with Articles 25 and Articles 27. The parties further agree to acknowledge the impact of holidays, campus closures, and other scheduling realities on the wages and budgets of full and part time ISU employees.


In accordance with normal payroll procedures Instructional Support Unit Employees may request payroll deductions to have portions of their gross income deposited into individual accounts at financial institutions of their choice.