Cybersecurity Awareness

The CNM ITS Information Security Team would like to welcome you to our Cybersecurity Awareness Information center.

Did You Know

  • Did you know that:
    • 93% of all data breaches start with stolen passwords?
    • Add 6% for those that are the result of malware delivered through email.
    • 99% of all data breaches begin with Phishing.
  • Phishing is the use of email to entice a user into giving away their password or installing malware on their system. This is also the method used to deploy ransomware which can have widespread effects on the institution.

Our Efforts

Because this results in an incredible level of focus on our email system by the bad actors around the globe, CNM employs several levels of protection to deflect these attacks. Unfortunately, there is no system that is 100% effective at stopping all phishing emails. You will undoubtedly encounter an occasional phishing email in your inbox. The information available here will teach you how to recognize phishing attempts and how to handle them once you recognize them.

What You Can Do

As a CNM user, you are being called upon to partner with us in keeping yourself and CNM safe from these bad actors. In fact, a highly aware user population is extremely important to the safety of CNM’s Information Technology infrastructure and data. We know this can be a difficult task, so we are committed to helping in any way possible. 

Additional Resources

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