Voice and Tone

Make your voice and tone easy to understand on CNM.edu.

Make Content Easy to Read

The general population reads at a seventh grade level. Research shows that the majority of website visitors scan pages looking for specific information rather than reading all the content.

  • Keep it simple
  • Revise and rewrite
  • Do not overstate
  • Avoid the use of qualifiers
  • Do not explain too much
  • Avoid fancy words
  • Be clear

Keep Your Audience in Mind

People visit CNM.edu for information. The majority of our website traffic is from current students, potential students, faculty, and staff. When you create content for the website, think about who the information is for and what they need to learn from it.

Meeting the needs of your visitors means clearly identifying your audience (students, potential students, faculty, or staff) and providing them with information that is useful, clear, and concise.

Don’t put everything you can online. Post what your visitors need to complete their task or get the information they need.

Be Conversational

Talk directly to website visitors in the same way you would if they came to your office to ask you a question.

To keep the tone of your writing authentic and personable, keep these things in mind:

  • Be friendly, approachable, and responsive.
  • Use inclusive language (us, we, you).
  • Talk to your audience, rather than about them (use “you” instead of “students”).