Marketing and Communications Office

About The Marketing and Communications Office 

The Marketing and Communications Office (MCO) serves as the in-house marketing agency for Central New Mexico Community College. 

Our role is to create strategic alignment between brands and initiatives at the College to maximize awareness, enrollment, and brand evangelism. We strive to maximize results and minimize time to ramp up your marketing plans. 

Meet Our Teams

Marketing and Communications team members work closely together to promote the mission, vision, and values at CNM. Learn more about individual MCO staff members by visiting our SharePoint site.

Additional Requests 

MCO also handles requests for solicitation, inspection of public records, and the Campus Memorial Plaque. Visit our MCO Requests page to learn more.

Requesting Services from MCO

MCO provides service expertise in the following areas: 

  • Branding and Strategy - campaign strategy and planning, advertisements, branded marketing materials, and graphic and design elements.
  • Creative Content  - video production, photography, and social media content management. 
  • Marketing Operations - special project management, office management, and improvements to CNM web properties, including UX/UI, content editing, accessibility, and SEO. 
  • Media Relations - CNM News stories, newsletters for employees and students, and emergency communications.
  • Language Services - translation and interpretation of written and spoken materials.
MCO Service Desk
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