MCO Requests

Contact the Marketing and Communications Office (MCO) and make requests for solicitation, inspection of public records, and the Campus Memorial Plaque.

MCO Request Form

Make an MCO request for marketing, advertising, the or Ingenuity websites, social media, communications, language services, videos or photos, or anything else our office can help you with.

MCO Service Desk


CNM reserves the right to remove or bar any solicitor from the College’s premises because of inappropriate conduct, the sale of inappropriate goods or services, or any other violation of our Solicitation policy.

Third Party Solicitation Request Form

Inspection of Public Records

As a public entity, CNM is responsible for making public records available for inspection. You can submit a request for items such as data, documents, emails, photos, texts, videos, and other records.

Public Records Request Form

Employee Memorial Plaque

The CNM Employee Memorial Plaque is for commemoration of current employees who die while employed by CNM and deceased former CNM employees.

Employee Memorial Plaque Request Form