Service Level Agreement

Revised October 2021

The Marketing and Communications Office serves as the In-house marketing agency for Central New Mexico Community College. Our purpose is to maximize your results and minimize your time to ramp up your marketing plans. Our role Is to create strategic alignment between brands and Initiatives at the college to maximize awareness, enrollment, and brand evangelism.

This document outlines our provided services, how to request those services and our commitment to communicate about those services with the CNM community.

Requesting Services from MCO

1. Visit the CNM Marketing & Communications Request Form at the top of the MCO Requests page.

2. Fill out the form completely with as much description as possible (this may include content, web page links, specifications for production or other relevant information). There is a place to include attachments if that applies to the request.

3. Please make sure to choose the service area that aligns with your request.

Service Areas

Below are the general areas of service expertise that MCO provides.

  • Marketing and Advertising - campaign strategy and planning, content and design for branded marketing materials, assistance with graphics and design elements, advertising placement.
  • Websites - content updates and UX/UI Improvements, including, and other web properties.
  • Communications - staff/faculty and student newsletters, public relations, email and text communications.
  • Social Media - posting on various channels organically, as well as social advertising.
  • Videography and Photography - video production, photography, instructional content.
  • Language Services - assistance with translation services (for written documents in any language through a translator) and interpretation services (for oral communication in many languages through an interpreter onsite or through our phone system).
  • Other - anything not covered above that may help to achieve enrollment or community engagement.

Response Times

Your projects and success are important to us, and we strive to address all requests in a timely and professional manner.

  • When the form is initially filled out and submitted, you will receive an automatic response that the request was received.
  • You will get a communication from the MCO team member who will be working on your request per the response times listed below.
  • In order to meet your needs, the team member assigned to your project will reach out for further discussions when necessary. This may include suggesting alternative or additional creative and/or strategic options. We believe strongly in marketing consultation for all of our clients, and your responsiveness and openness is greatly appreciated.

Project Prioritization and Timelines

The MCO team prioritizes our work in two ways: alignment with strategic initiatives and the needs of the College and students, and amount of effort that the request will take to produce. Upon submitting a request, we will work with you to solidify the scope of your request, the best strategy for your efforts, and the appropriate timeline for your project.

In general, projects are prioritized by this matrix. The timelines serve as a general goal for project completion, but may vary by complexity. The times listed below refer to business days.

Alignment to Strategic Initiatives Response Time Completion Time
Minimal Effort Moderate Effort Heavy Effort

Mission Critical

Within 4 hours Within hours to 1 day 1 day - 1 week 1-4 weeks
High Within 24 hours 1-3 days 2 weeks 2-8 weeks
Medium 1-2 days 1 week 2-4 weeks Appropriate timeline and feasibility to be determined with client.
Low 1-2 days 1-2 weeks 2-6 weeks


Strategic Initiatives

  • Mission Critical: marketing and communications efforts are critical to the operations, and enrollment of the college.
    • Examples: enrollment campaigns, legislative events, emergency communications, etc.
  • High: projects created in close alignment with strategic initiatives, directly related to student retention, persistence, and graduation, building public-private partnerships, and improving CNM’s organizational excellence.
    • Examples: website improvement projects, media inquiries, supporting Student Experience, Recruitment, etc.
  • Medium: work that’s focused on existing students or employees, other internal audiences, or efforts that have extended timelines.
    • Examples: internal communications (News Link, Suncat Times), long-term brand awareness campaigns, promoting specific courses, supporting student services such as Libraries, Tutoring, etc.
  • Low: typically “nice to have” efforts, low priority projects are either not in strong alignment to strategic initiatives, or have low long-term impact. These efforts are still important, but sometimes may be opportunities to utilize student workers, volunteers, or vendors if MCO staff are at capacity.
    • Examples: building artwork, showcases, some giveaway items, etc.

Effort Levels

The MCO team provides industry-standard marketing services, which often change to meet our strategy. The below is not a comprehensive list, but a few examples:

  • Low Effort: posting on social media, internal communications (emails), simple design projects (flyers), website content changes.
  • Moderate Effort: advertising campaigns, news stories, complex print materials (invitations, banners, etc), content and design updates to websites.
  • Heavy Effort: high-production value videos (e.g. commercials), comprehensive website projects and redesigns, creating new branding.