Mandatory Compliance Orientations

Mandatory compliance orientation is required for all students who have successfully registered for a Coordinated Entry Program within the School of Health, Wellness & Public Safety (HWPS).

Select the Program You Are Registered For

If your program is not listed, you are not required to attend an orientation this term and our team will visit your class.

Compliance Requirements Orientation Overview

During orientation, we will review the following clinical compliance requirements. You are not required to complete these prior to your orientation. We will provide paperwork and due dates during your orientation session.

  1. Fingerprinting for Caregivers Background Check: Fingerprinting is required to complete the NMDOH Criminal Caregivers background check. Fees for this service are paid through your student program fees.
  2. Immunizations: Verification of several vaccinations will be required.
  3. Drug Screening: Students are required to undergo a routine drug screening prior to starting the program or prior to beginning their clinical experience.
  4. Healthcare Provider CPR Card: Copies of all the cards you received in the Health 1001 course will need to be turned into the Office of Verification & Compliance.
  5. Hospital-Specific Requirements: Many students will attend clinicals at multiple locations. As a result, there will be computer-based training and in-class computer trainings that you will be required to complete.

REMEMBER: You must secure payment for your courses on myCNM within 24 hours of registering or you will be automatically dropped. If your courses are dropped because of non-payment, you are not guaranteed the ability to re-register.