Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are performance measures used to assist CNM in evaluating success and opportunities for improvement. CNM has recently revised its Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This page is expected to be updated later this summer.

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For more information on KPIs and the KPI process, contact the Office of Institutional Research at (505) 224-3450 or .

Each year, the Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness at CNM reports on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that define and track our progress toward strategic goals.

KPIs help to support institutional self-analysis and decision making, identifying opportunities for improvement, and public accountability. Data is updated on an annual basis, or as information is available, and CNM assesses college needs and KPIs regularly to confirm that each indicator continues to be relevant.

Graduation Awards

Total Graduates by Fiscal Year

2015-16: 6,699

2014-15: 6,432

2013-14: 4,966

2012-13: 6,724

2011-12: 4,423

2010-11: 3,996

Time to award

Time to award: 24% (2014 cohort as of 2017)

*This is the number of students who are graduating within 150% of the standard award time for their award


Enrollment: 15,533 (2016-2017)

*This is the number of people who are enrolled and considered full-time equivalent students


Retention rate: 60% (2017)

*This is the number of students who come back or graduate Fall to Fall or Fall to Spring

College Efficiency

Space Utilization: 27% (Fall 2017)

*For classrooms and conference rooms

College Productivity

CFI score: 3.20 (FY2017)

*Composite financial index (CFI) scores are an indicator of a college’s overall relative financial health

Employee Satisfaction

Employee Satisfaction Score: 71% (2017)

*Survey information available on the OPIE site for Student, Graduate, Community, and Employee Surveys

Community Responsiveness

Community Responsiveness: 85% (2016)

Community Innovation

FUSE Makerspace monthly memberships: 42 (2017)

Community Learning

Bootcamp and academies participants: 139 (2017)