Outreach and Recruitment Services

The Outreach and Recruitment team works in the community to help get you started at CNM.

Whether you are looking to attend college for the first time as an adult, returning to college after several years or graduating from high school. We help you on your path toward the college’s certificate and associate degree programs.

Dual Credit Students

We oversee the Dual Credit program, which allows high school students to take college classes while still in high school. Visit our Dual Credit page to learn more about how Dual Credit works and what the eligibility requirements are.

High School Seniors

We work with high school seniors to get them through the application process and prepared to start classes. Talk to your high school counselor about having a recruiter visit your school. 

School Counselors

Our team can provide classroom presentations on college programs and career options for your students. We also attend parent nights to inform parents and students on college programs and options. Request CNM to attend your school event.


We understand how important it is for parents and their students to make an informed decision on college. We are here to answer your questions about CNM. Contact a recruiter today to learn more about CNM.

Community Partners

We can provide presentations and attend community events to promote higher education and inform your students about college and career choices. Request CNM to attend your community event.