Go Green Permits

CNM's “Go Green” Program for Low Fuel Emitting/Fuel Efficient Vehicles

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

CNM has charging stations for electric vehicles in the SSC and SB lots at Main Campus. The AC Level Two Charging Stations are free to use and the two-hour time limit is strictly enforced. Vehicles parked in these spaces past the two-hour time limit may be cited.

Learn more about ChargePoint and the app.

Permits for Low-Fuel Emitting or Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

CNM's “Go Green” Program provides special parking permits for students, faculty and staff who drive fuel-efficient vehicles. It's one of the many programs we have implemented to encourage environmental awareness and action in the community.

Where You Can Park

The Go Green permit allows you to park your vehicle in prime designated spaces that are closer to buildings.

How to Display

The Go Green permit must be displayed in conjunction with your existing valid permit for the specific lots (paid or general lots) where you are registered to park.


There is no additional fee for the Go Green permit.

Obtain a Permit

Register your car with three easy steps:

  1. Determine whether your vehicle is a Green Car. View the Green Car List. Click on the LEED list at the bottom of the page.
    Your vehicle must have a green score of 45 or higher to qualify. If you don’t see your vehicle on this list, your vehicle is not qualified for the Go Green preferred parking spaces. If needed, you can contact Parking Services for more information.

  2. Your Go Green sticker can be obtained by visiting the Parking Services office at Main Campus or by emailing Parking Services at

  3. Find the “Low Fuel Emitting/ Fuel Efficient” designated parking spaces located in various lots around campus. The “Go Green” permit must be displayed in conjunction with a valid permit for that lot. Spaces are limited and are available on a first come basis.

  • Need Help? Contact Parking Services
  • (505) 224-4637 | Contact Us | Monday – Friday | 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.