The mission of the Facilities Department is to construct, improve, and sustain a high quality, safe, comfortable and functional environment by coordinating resources in an effective and sustainable manner for students, faculty and staff to support CNM’s mission.


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This mission shall be accomplished by:

  • Assessing the needs of the institution through data collection and analysis. 
  • Planning and designing the campus landscape
  • Managing capital and small renovations/construction projects
  • Managing sustainability and Campus as a Living Lab projects
  • Developing energy management and facilities design standards policies
  • Budgeting
  • Space utilization
  • Minor electrical
  • Signage – Interior and Exterior

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CNM Facilities Master Plan 

Visioning the Future Facilities Master Plan

Building Green

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design™ (LEED®) rating system, developed by the U.S. Green Building Council ® (USGBC), has been a guiding principle in CNM construction and renovation projects at CNM. Projects (buildings, building elements, and campuses) may be registered under specific certifications such as New Construction & Major Renovations, and Interior Design & Construction. The following projects have been LEED-certified on CNM campuses. 

New Construction

  • 2011: Rio Rancho Campus (RR), LEED Gold ®
  • 2012: The Student Resource Center (SRC), LEED Silver ®
  • 2016: Westside I Building (WSI) , LEED Silver ®

Major Renovations 

  • 2013: Jeannette Stromberg Hall (JS), LEED Gold ®
  • 2014: Tom Wiley Hall (TW), LEED Silver ®
  • 2016: Robert P. Matteucci Hall (RPM) , LEED Gold ®
  • 2016: Laboratory (L) Building, LEED Gold ®
  • 2017: Ted F. Martinez (TM) Building, LEED Silver ®

Interior Design & Construction

  • 2013: Advanced Technology Center (ATC), LEED Gold ®
  • 2017: South Valley I (SVI), LEED Silver ®