Property Control Office

The Property Control Office is responsible for maintaining and updating the inventory of all College equipment, furnishings and other tangible property.

When a department determines that an equipment item is obsolete, worn out or otherwise unusable a disposal process is initiated through Property Control leading to the disposition of the item and its deletion from the public inventory.

The disposal of CNM property is executed in accordance with the appropriate procedural steps and complies with applicable institutional, local, state, and federal rules and regulations. Follow these links to the relevant CNM forms and controlling policies.  

CNM Property Control serves to expedite the process for identifying and removing disposable College property and maintain an accurate and current inventory.

Departmental Inventory Schedules

Inventory reports are an effort to keep records current and minimize discrepancies. Inventory forms are distributed to the departments at the beginning of each term and are to be returned completed to Property Control by the specified deadline.

Inventories are scheduled for January, May and September.