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Notice of Intent to Award Sole Source Contracts

Sole Source Request

The CNM  Purchasing Department intends to make a purchase which has been determined to qualify as a "Sole Source" purchase made in accordance with NMSA 1978 Secs.13-1-126 and 13-1-128 (2012). The purpose of this “Notice of Intent to Award” is to publicly announce the county’s intent to award a Sole Source Contract for a specific service, construction or item of tangible personal property required by law .

Any contractor who does not agree that the service, construction or item of tangible personal property is available only from the contractor determined to be a sole source may protest the “Notice of Intent to Award” by contacting the Purchasing Department within fifteen (15) calendar days of the date this Notice is posted. Your protest must be in writing and describe the basis for the protest. Please submit your protest, via e-mail and include the words "PROTEST OF NOTICE OF INTENT TO AWARD SOLE SOURCE CONTRACT TO ___(reference the contractor’s name that is subject of your protest) and your company name on the subject line. If you have questions, please contact the Purchasing Department.

Note: The effective date of the amendments to NMSA 1978 Secs. 13-1-126 and 13-1-128 (2012) is June 14, 2013. The Sole Source Items listed below with a posting date prior to June 14, 2013 will remain posted through July 15, 2013 in order to comply with the effective date of the statute.


Date Posted

Description Of Goods or Services


Contractor Name

Contractor Address

Contract Amount

Contract Term/QTY


Justification Form

2/3/2014 Two (2) SynDavers (synthetic cadavers) Academic Affairs SynDaver Labs 8506C Benjamin Road, Tampa, FL 33634 $100,000.00 Two (2) No Protest Sole Source Request Form
9/12/2013 Mobile Application Software Support Agreement  Information Technology Services Ellucian 4 Country View Road Malvern, PA 19355 $24,000.00 +NMGRT 1Year

No Protest

Sole Source Request Form
8/28/2013 Campus Quality Survey Planning & Instructional Effectiveness Performance Horizons N3499 Sun Ray Avenue, New London, WI 54961-8845 $22,680.00 1Year No Protest Sole Source Request Form