Education Professionals and Dual Credit Programs

Offer a Dual Credit class at your high school.

CNM's Dual Credit in the High School Program provides the opportunity for high school students to take Dual Credit classes at their high school. CNM hires highly qualified high school instructors to teach CNM Dual Credit classes at the high school, during the regularly scheduled high school day. The program has many benefits for students, high schools and participating high school instructors.

Benefits for Students 

Perhaps the greatest beneficiaries of Dual Credit in the High School will be the students. They will have the opportunity to:

  • Meet new high school graduation requirements and earn college credit at their high school
  • Be exposed to college rigor with support from their high school instructors and counselors
  • Enroll in Dual Credit classes regardless of after-school scheduling conflicts

Benefits for Schools

Participating public and charter high schools benefit from participating in Dual Credit in the High School. These benefits include:

  • More dual credit students staying in the high school throughout the day rather than going off campus, reducing scheduling conflicts for counselors
  • Access to another tool at the high school to help improve graduation rates
  • Appreciation from parents and students involved in sports and other extracurricular activities

Benefits for Teachers

Teachers selected to participate will also enjoy many advantages. Among them are the following:

  • A $500 stipend for each class taught in the program
  • The opportunity for professional development and career growth
  • Invitations to participate in CNM faculty meetings and mentorship opportunities

To become a CNM Dual Credit high school instructor, you must hold a Master's degree in the relevant field or have at least 18 graduate credit hours. Applications must include a resume, unofficial transcripts, and the CNM course prefix/ number. High school instructors interested in teaching a Dual Credit course at their high school may contact us at [email protected]