Cultural Teams

CNM's cultural teams strive to promote cultural awareness, diversity, and inclusivity, as well as connect you to internal and external resources needed to support your academic careers.

Native American Advisory Council (NAAC)

The Native American Advisory Council (NAAC) is comprised of advisors, an Outreach Specialist, and a Veterans Program Specialist with specialized knowledge for a special component of CNM's student body. NAAC links students to resources, clubs, and private scholarships.

Hispanic Heritage Task Team

The Hispanic Heritage Task Team's mission is to serve the CNM Hispanic community with resources and opportunities that foster educational success. We recognize the growth of Hispanic students pursuing a college degree and the importance of educational pathways for Hispanic students.

Black Student Union (BSU)

The Black Student Union's mission is to help students strive for academic excellence, encourage positive images of African Americans, and help students become an integral part of the CNM community.

Black History Month Team

The Black History Month Team highlights the contributions African Americans have made to civilization in the areas of Health & Science, Math, Art & Literature, Music, Theatre, and Innovation.