Graduates of CNM

CNM wishes to recognize its talented graduates and is dedicated to their continued success. Every year, hundreds of CNM graduates embark on their own success stories, each unique and inspirational in their own way.

Graduates of CNM: Nick Acree

Nick is a former college football player and MMA fighter who is looking forward to a new career as a police officer after attending CNM’s Law Enforcement Academy

January 27, 2022

Graduates of CNM: Jasmine Alvarado

Jasmine went through the Special Education Teacher Training program just as COVID-19 hit, but thanks to support from her professors and peers, she’s thrived as a student and as a teacher

January 12, 2022

Graduates of CNM: Jose Garcia

Jose has spent his career serving the Albuquerque community and now oversees several important facilities including the Convention Center and Civic Plaza. Last week, he was presented with CNM’s Distinguished Alumni award

October 19, 2021