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The School of Communication, Humanities, and Social Sciences (CHSS) and School of Math, Science, and Engineering (MSE) General Honors Program

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The General Honors Program gives students an exciting option for enhancing their liberal arts education while at CNM. Being in the Honors Program can open doors and help enhance your career path. To have graduated with Honors on your record is a good way to add value to an application to a job or a four-year institution. Your acceptance into the CNM Honors Program automatically qualifies you for the Honors Program at UNM (providing you have met the UNM general criteria for admission).

Being in the Honors program connects you to a supportive network of Honors students, professors, and alumni. You will also be eligible for special scholarships, conferences, and internships. It is possible in many cases to substitute a GNHN course for a required core course in your degree program.

Honors Courses

Fall 2022 Course Offerings

CRN 76378 GNHN 1021, Section D01: The Graphic Novel. Honors Legacy. Online.

Instructor: Jessica Mills (

In this seminar-style course, students will read, discuss, and analyze the graphic novel as literature, beginning with the history and maturation of the medium. Students will read a curated selection of non-fiction and fiction graphic novel texts pertaining to historic, national, cultural, ethnic, and gender/sexuality issues, focusing discussion on the intersections of these issues in history, society and culture. Selected texts include The Manhattan Projects by Jonathan Hickman, Love and Rockets by Gilbert Hernandez, They Called Us Enemy by George Takei, and Octavia E. Butler’s bestselling literary science-fiction masterpiece, Kindred, in graphic novel format. There are no physical books to buy, but a membership to Comixology Unlimited is required, an approximate cost of $20 for the semester.

The essential questions this course aims to answer are: Are graphic novels capable of the same literary complexity as written books?  In graphic novels, how do both the word and the picture combine to reflect society and culture?  

CRN 75244 GNHN 22O4, Section D01: Homeless in America. The Individual and the Collective. Online.

Instructor: Vincent Basso (

In 2021, over half a million people were homeless in the United States and of the 34 million Americans who live in poverty today, roughly 10 million are at-risk of homelessness. From present day Albuquerque to nineteenth-century New York, our course looks squarely at the issue of homelessness in America and the ways that poverty, mental illness, and addiction generate social precarity. Through the study of literature, film, and social and political writings, we will assess how social inequalities contribute to homelessness and evaluate the social practices and policies affecting some of our most vulnerable citizens. The essential questions this course aims to answer are: What is the relationship between homelessness and civil society? How do writers and activists challenge poverty and stigma? What are the aesthetics of homelessness in popular culture?

CRN 76379 GNHN 2205, Section D01: Mindfulness in the Digital Era. Humanities in Society. Online.

Instructor: Julie Dunlop (

Do you feel stressed? How much has your “screen time” increased during the pandemic? This course offers an opportunity to examine stress (and stress relief) in relationship to the digital era by exploring benefits and drawbacks of technological innovation—especially in relationship to your academic major and career path. Through writing, analysis, research, discussion, and experiential learning, we’ll move toward a deeper understanding of how technology is shaping our lives, as well as the choices we have in relating to our increasingly digitized society. Cross-pollination of ideas from different academic disciplines, cultures, and time periods will support our journey. (This class is 100% online and asynchronous; weekly work is required, with the opportunity to participate at the times that are most convenient for you.)

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A student must have taken at least 9 college credits, must have at least a 3.2 GPA and must have received a B or better in English 1101 in order to be considered for the Honors Program.

Any student who meets the above qualifications, who is attracted to the freedom of inquiry and curiosity that these courses offer, and who wants to deeply engage in the small classroom setting of an earnest scholarly community, is encouraged to email the teacher for more information.

Transferring to UNM

Students who take Honors classes at CNM are automatically eligible to be in UNM’s Honors Program when they transfer. All Honors classes offered at CNM transfer to UNM.

UNM requires 24 credits of Honors classes in order to graduate with Honors and 9 of those credits (3 classes) may be taken at CNM. All Honors classes offered at CNM transfer to UNM.

For more information contact CHSS at (505) 224-3588.