Chicana and Chicano Studies


The Chicana and Chicano Studies program is an interdisciplinary program that enables students to gain a critical understanding of issues facing Chicana/e/o/x and Mexican American communities. It helps students build cultural competencies and puts them on the path toward careers in areas like community organizing, social work, public relations, education, and many others.

Degrees & Certificates

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Note: Some jobs require education or training beyond the CNM degree/certificate.

Program Information

Chicana/o Studies offers an interdisciplinary curriculum which focuses on the Chicana/o experience through an analysis of class, race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality, and cultural expression within the historical and contemporary experiences of Chicanas/es/os/x in the Americas. Our program is built on a foundation of critical pedagogy and designed for students who are interested in social responsibility and social justice.

You will have the opportunity to participate in transfer and mentorship opportunities with UNM’s Chicana and Chicano Studies Department. Upon completion of the program, students will earn an Associate of Arts in Chicana and Chicano Studies and they can pair that with a Certificate of Achievement in Social Justice. You will also be eligible to transfer to UNM or other four-year schools to pursue a bachelor’s degree. UNM works directly with CNM to grant articulated credit or transfer guides. In addition, you can advance to graduate studies at one of the many Chicana/e/o/x programs in colleges and universities throughout the U.S. 

Further Studies

Once you get your Associate's Degree from CNM, you can transfer to a four-year university. The University of New Mexico has bachelor's, master’s, and doctoral degree programs in Chicana/e/o/x Studies. If you’re planning to transfer from CNM to UNM, look into the types of opportunities and support currently offered through the NM Humanities Now! Transfer Program. Additionally, the UNM Chicana and Chicano Studies Department periodically offers bridge programs for CNM students.

Other options for further related studies are:

  • Community Organizing
  • Social Work
  • History
  • Linguistics
  • Education
  • Museum Studies
  • Gender Studies

Meet with an advisor to learn more about your transfer options.

Join an Organization

The National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies is the largest scholarly organization focused on the interdisciplinary field.