The History program teaches methods for understanding history. Earn an Associate of Arts and pursue work as a Museum Technician and Conservator, Curator, Archivist, and more.

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Note: Some jobs require education or training beyond the CNM degree/certificate.

Program Information

You will read published historians and documents from the past and develop the ability to assess historical evidence and conflicting interpretations, and gain a better understanding of why history is important and how learning about the past provides us with the background to compare our times and our concerns with those of people who lived before us.

CNM's History program helps students develop the skill of historical thinking. You will strengthen your abilities in critical analysis and effective communication as you evaluate primary and secondary sources that tell the story of the past. The skills associated with the process of historical thinking prepare you to contribute to the wider community and to succeed in the workforce--whatever your chosen career path may be.

At CNM, you will study the history of a wide range of places and time periods. Our faculty have research and teaching expertise in cultural, economic, intellectual, political, and social history and their interests range from ancient history, through the medieval and early modern era, to the present.

Further Studies

Once you graduate from CNM, you can transfer your History degree from CNM to a four-year university and obtain work in any of the following fields:

Meet with an advisor to learn more about your transfer options.

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