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CNM programs labeled "Coordinated Entry" require a Pre-Registration Screening process prior to entry. You must complete an online Pre-Registration Screening Form before becoming eligible to register for program courses.

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The School of Health, Wellness & Public Safety reserves the right to make changes to the screening dates and number of seats available as necessary based on the COVID-19 mandates.


The MATH 1100 Series no longer satisfies the mathematics general education requirement for Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree programs. This means you will need to complete MATH 1130- Survey of Mathematics or higher in order to meet the New Mexico General Education Core AAS Math requirements.

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Beginning Fall 2023, Veterinary Technician and EMS Paramedic will be open enrollment and will no longer be part of CPE.

Learn About the Registration Process

Incoming Registrants

If you are interested in registering for a Coordinated Entry Program, you must fill out a Pre-Registration Screening Form. Forms will be available during specific time frames which are posted on each program page. The Pre-Registration Screening Form will screen you on the following criteria.

  • Required prerequisite coursework
  • Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • Entrance exam scores (if applicable)
  • Licensing (if applicable)

To learn more about screening criteria, visit the Screening Criteria and Guidelines page.

To learn more about seating selection for approved applicants, visit the Selection and Registration Process page.

After you submit a form and meet the minimum requirements, you will be notified of the specific date and time to register for your program. You will have an equal opportunity to register. However, seats are limited and enrollment is not guaranteed. For information and updates on specific program criteria and deadlines, visit the individual program pages.

Attend an Information Session

Please contact HWPS Front Office at (505) 224-4111 for more information.