ECED 1135: 45 Hour Entry-Level Course

CNM offers a 45-hour Entry-Level Course for employment at early learning and preschool centers around New Mexico.


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Course Overview

ECED 1135: 45-Hour Entry-Level Course

This course assists entry-level early care, education, and family support individuals to advance their understanding and practice in the seven competency areas as defined by the State of New Mexico*. The course provides opportunities for students to construct knowledge about children, families, communities, and support systems through discussion, reflection, and skill practice. Does not require a high school diploma or GED. 3 credit hour(s).

Early Learning and Preschool Center Directors interested in hosting on-site training for their employees should contact us for more information.

College Credit Option

To receive college credit for this course, you must be enrolled at CNM. Find out how to apply and register today. Or, view the Schedule of Classes for more information.

*This course is required by the state of New Mexico for all childcare employees to complete within the first year of employment. This requirement can be substituted with completion of other related early childhood coursework at CNM.

Completion certificate is awarded by the Office of Child Development (OCD).