The CNM Philosophy program provides students with the opportunity to study the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence.

Degrees & Certificates

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Top Philosophy Jobs

Note: Some jobs require education or training beyond the CNM degree/certificate.

Program Information 

If you are interested in challenging the assumptions made in all fields of thought, CNM's Philosophy program is for you. 

CNM Philosophy faculty design learning experiences that will help you see the world from a variety of perspectives, not just your own. Study philosophy and you will learn to read and think critically, identify and evaluate arguments, and engage in moral and ethical discussions concerning diverse viewpoints and philosophical ideas from across periods.

These skills are useful in a range of industries, giving philosophy graduates many opportunities to find success. Jobs for philosophy majors are varied, with many pursuing careers in law, medicine, politics, business, religion, and more. 

Academic Excellence

Philosophy majors are often among the highest-performing students in academia and have been reported by DailyNous to earn the following honors: 

  • highest average graduate exam (GRE) scores of all majors
  • highest law school admissions test (LSAT) scores of all majors
  • highest medical school acceptance rates of all majors
  • fourth highest business school admissions test (GMAT) scores of all majors

Further Studies 

CNM's Philosophy major was created in response to the needs of students transferring from CNM to UNM in the humanities. Upon completion of the program, you are eligible to transfer to UNM or other four-year schools to pursue a bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree.

Students from CNM seeking a bachelor's or graduate degree may also transfer to other institutions. Many of the courses in this program are transferable and some may be applied to four-year degree programs at other institutions. CNM currently has transfer agreements with many colleges and universities in New Mexico and elsewhere. 

Meet with an advisor to learn more about your transfer options.

Additional Information 

The School of Liberal Arts offers courses, associate degrees, and certificates in a variety of humanities programs. Many of our courses are transferable to other colleges and universities as freshmen and sophomore requirements or electives.

The American Philosophical Association supports the professional development of philosophers at all levels and works to foster greater understanding and appreciation of the value of philosophical inquiry.