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CNM is committed to providing a welcoming environment for all of our students, including those who identify somewhere on the LGBTQ+ spectrum. The goal of our virtual SafeZone Center is to provide resources, advocacy, and a safe space for LGBTQ+ students, staff, and faculty at CNM. We promote education about all genders and sexualities, recognize the significance of intersectionality, and encourage the self-exploration of individual identity. We strive to build bridges with the larger New Mexico LGBTQ+ community to dismantle heterosexism, gender oppression, and systemic discrimination. We seek to address and transform institutional inequities to create a more educated, empowered, and welcoming campus community to better fulfill the academic mission of the community college.

QCNM is the working group for students, faculty, and staff interested in increasing visibility of and support for LGBTQ+ folks on campus. We maintain ongoing events such as Q-Study Hall on several campuses, and offer at least one campus event per month each semester (mixers, movie showings, etc.).  We also hold a separate monthly planning meeting, open to all LGBTQ+ students, faculty, staff, and allies.

As the student club Q-Cats grows, QCNM will work with them to meet the needs of CNM's student body.

CNM Q-Cats

The Queer Cats is a student group at Central New Mexico Community College that works to provide a safe social and educational space for LGBTQ+ students, faculty, and staff. We welcome a diverse population of ethnic, religious, political and cultural values while promoting understanding and acceptance for those marginalized as a result of sexual/gender orientation. We support a campus environment that is free from prejudice, harassment, and violence. We provide social activities, educational programming, and advocacy with the goal of enhancing safety, acceptance, and quality of life within the CNM community.

Preferred Name Request

We offer the option for transgender and gender non-binary students to let instructors know of their gender pronouns and preferred name to be used in the classroom. Fill out your request.

Safe Zone Training

We offer Safe Zone Training for staff and faculty to learn about LGBTQ+ identities, gender, sexuality, and unlearn prejudice. Learn more about the Safe Zone Project.

When you see the SafeZone placard outside/inside a CNM staff or faculty office, you have found a SAFE SPACE to talk about sexual orientation or gender identity issues. Every Safe Zone member has attended at minimum a 3-hour seminar and has agreed to provide a listening ear and positive resources/referrals.

Contact us if you are interested in attending an upcoming Safe Zone Training workshop!

Report Anti-LGBTQ+ Incidents

Anti-LGBTQ+ behavior is not tolerated at CNM, but we can do little about it unless you tell us! Anything from phrases like “That’s so gay” to actual physical violence is not tolerated on campus.

Please let us know what has happened and where by contacting the Dean of Students. Reports may be made anonymously through the "Silent Witness" program at (505) 224-3002.

If you are currently in a situation where immediate police, medical, psychological, or other emergency services are needed, call 911, or CNM’s Campus Safety & Security at (505) 224-3001 to obtain the appropriate services.

Upcoming LGTBQ+ Events

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