Inclusive Restrooms

This list of restrooms and bathrooms (by campus) are open to all genders regardless of identity and/or expression.

As part of CNM's commitment to providing a welcoming environment to those who identify on the LGBTQ+ spectrum, CNM provides bathroom facilities that are gender inclusive, also known as gender neutral and all gender.

These facilities are intended to provide safe spaces to transgender and gender-diverse individuals who may experience harassment or violence when using gender-specific restrooms.

These facilities also benefit others, such as parents with children of different genders and disabled people with attendants of different genders, as well.

All are unisex, single-use restrooms.

Advanced Technology Center (Alameda)

Map of ATC

Advanced Technology Center Map

Building Room
ATC 182


Main Campus

Map of Main Campus

Map of Main Campus

Building Room
JS 182
JS 282
JS 283
L 182
L 282
LSA 280
SB 182
SB 183
SB 184
SRC 280 (South of 2nd floor library computers)
SRC 281 (South of 2nd ACE entrance)
SRC 284 (East of ACE exit)
SRC 285 (East of ACE exit)
SSC 288
Wellness Center
TC 180
TC 181


Montoya Campus

Montoya Campus Map

Montoya Campus Map

Building Room
I 182
RB Outside RB 110


Rio Rancho Campus

Rio Rancho Map

Rio Rancho Campus Map

Building Room
RR 184


South Valley Campus

South Valley Map

South Valley Map

Building Room
SVI 181


Westside Campus

Westside Map

Westside Campus Map


WSI 183


WORKforce Training Center


Workforce Training Map

Building Room
WTC 184


Staff Only


 & Room

Main JS 382 Staff Area Only
Main JS 383 Staff Area Only
Main JS 482 Staff Area Only
Main JS 483 Staff Area Only
Main KC 184 Staff Area Only
Main PPD 186 Staff Area Only
Main PS 182 Staff Area Only
Main SB 282 Staff Area Only
Main SB 283 Staff Area Only
Main SRC 184 Staff Area Only
Main SSC 182 ITS Staff
Area Only
Main SSC 183 Financial Aid 
Staff Area Only
Main SSC 186 Financial Aid 
Staff Area Only
Main SSC 187 Records Staff
Area Only
Main SSC 284 Records Staff
Area Only
Main SSC 285 Job Connection 
Staff Area Only
Main SSC 288 Job Connection 
Staff Area Only
Rio Rancho RR 284 Staff Area Only