Textbook Buyback & Refund Policies

Information about the CNM Bookstore's textbook buyback and return policies.

For more information, contact the CNM Bookstore.

Used Textbook Buyback

What determines textbook buyback value:

  • Has the instructor selected the textbook for the next term?
  • Does the Bookstore have enough copies already?
  • Is the book needed at another campus, demand determines value?
  • Has a new edition been published?
  • Is the book in saleable condition?

Textbook Refund and Buyback Tips:

  • Do not write in your textbooks.
  • Do not tear pages out.
  • Do not fold your textbooks.
  • Highlighting is ok for textbook buyback.

Bookstore Refund Policies

  1. You must have an original cash register receipt and materials must be clean and unmarked.
  2. Returns must be returned to the place of purchase.
  3. Refunds will be refunded back to the original form of payment.
    - Items purchased with a check will not be refunded for 7 business days.
  4. Last day to receive a full refund for textbooks:
    - Full refunds will be given for Course Materials returned by the specific refund deadline.
    - Course Materials purchased after the specific refund date must be returned within 7 calendar days from the start of class or within 48 hours (schedule is required).
    - Course Materials purchased the week before midterms and/or finals, midterm week, or final exam week are not refundable.
    - Course Materials for Intersession Classes have 48 hours to return for full refunds.
    - Course Materials printed at the CNM Duplicating & Printing Center are non-refundable.
    - Access codes may not be returned if activated and/or the shrinkwrap/seal has been broken or scratched off.
  5. Hardware & Software (Computers, Tablets, Computer Products, Calculators):
    - Unopened hardware and software must be returned within 7 calendar days of purchase for a full refund.
    - All computers and tablets must be registered with the manufacturer for warranty purposes.
  6. Other Merchandise:
    - All other merchandise unopened and in original condition and packaging within 7 calendar days of purchase may be exchanged or refunded to the original form of tender.
    - Tool kits, uniforms, and medical/culinary supplies are non-refundable.

Note: Save your Receipts!