Correct/Preferred Name Request

If you would like to change your name to a correct or preferred name, please fill out this form.

We offer the option for transgender and gender non-binary students to let their instructors know of their gender pronouns and correct/preferred name to be used in the classroom. Please use the button below if your correct/preferred name is different from your legal name.

Submit Your Request

Once you submit your request and it is processed, your name change will be reflected at CNM according to the table below. Additionally, on the first day of the next term, your instructors will be made aware of your correct/preferred name.

Area of Name Change

Time to Take Effect


Brightspace 2-3 business days Brightspace Login
Instructor's Class Roster Instructors are notified once per semester to alert them of name changes close to the start of term Academic Records
Diploma 2-3 business days Diploma Request Email
Outlook (email) 2-3 business days CNM Email

If you've completed a legal name change, please take a look at CNM's Update Your Student Information web page to access the student name change form.