Credit by Portfolio Assessment

Earn credit by developing an electronic learning portfolio and submitting it for evaluation by a trained faculty member.

What is a Learning Portfolio?

Learning portfolios are used to assess a student's level of knowledge when all other methods of CPL options have been exhausted. A learning portfolio is a collection of documents, supporting materials, and a corresponding narrative that documents an individual has met the student learning objectives for a single course. The contents of a learning portfolio have been accrued through the student's experiences such as community service, work experience, military experience, volunteering, independent-study, and extensive travel.

How does it work?

Portfolio students are responsible for including appropriate documentation of their learning and articulating what they have learned, how they learned it, and how that knowledge meets the course learning outcomes of the course for which they are requesting credit, as it relates to each of the course learning outcomes. The electronic learning portfolio, or ePortfolio, is created in CNM's new online, ePortfolio online environment (to be unveiled in August 2022). Once complete, the electronic portfolio, or e-portfolio, is submitted to a trained CNM faculty member for assessment and credit award determination. 

Is Portfolio Assessment Right for You?

To help you decide if portfolio assessment is something that you would like to pursue, review the following questions:

  • Have you worked in your field for several years?
  • Are you able to explain and differentiate your learning from your experiences?
  • Have you attended several work-related trainings or professional development workshops? 
  • Do you feel like it would be redundant to take a specific course within your program because of what you have learned from your experiences?
  • Are you comfortable writing papers? (See below for an example portfolio learning narrative.)
  • Do you possess work products, other material evidence, or documentation that supports your level of knowledge for the course?
  • Can you demonstrate that you currently have the knowledge and skills of the course for which you would like to earn credit?

If you answered yes to several of these questions, portfolio assessment may be an appropriate way for you to earn credit for your prior learning experiences. 

Portfolio Assessment Fee

The fee for portfolio assessment is $25.00, starting in the Fall 2022 term. If allowed to pursue portfolio assessment, you will be provided with your options for paying the fee with your approval.

ePortfolio Request Process

CNM's ePortfolio process will be updated in August 2022. For now, please use these steps to get started.

Step 1 - Search for and review the Course Learning Outcomes for the course in which you would like to build an e-portfolio.

  • Verify that you are able to show a faculty member your level of knowledge and ability to meet each through both written narrative and documentation obtained through your learning experiences.

Step 2 - Download and complete an ePortfolio Intake Form: here.

Step 3 - Submit your request for ePortfolio assessment: here

* Please note that some courses may require a follow-up interview or skills-based demonstration after the portfolio is assessed to ensure that all course learning outcomes have been met. The faculty assessor will contact you to schedule these and must be completed by the end of the term. If a particular course has an additional requirement, it will be noted below the course listing.

Portfolio Assessment Deadlines

Requests for portfolio assessment are only allowed up to the second week of each term. However, you are encouraged to submit your request as soon as possible in order to start creating your e-portfolio at the start of the term to allow for the maximum amount of time to complete it. Students who complete their e-portfolio before the submission deadline are welcome to submit early.


Request Deadline

Submission Deadline

Maximum Time to Complete

Fall 2022

September 12, 2022

November 27, 2022

12 weeks

Spring 2023

January 23, 2023

April 9, 2023

12 weeks

Summer 2023

May 29, 2023

July 23, 2023

10 weeks

* Portfolio assessment is not allowed during your final term to ensure graduation is not delayed.

 **Holidays may affect these deadlines.

Courses Available for Portfolio Assessment

The following is a list of courses for which portfolio assessment is currently available by the school that offers the course. 

School of Business, Hospitality & Technology

  • ACCT 2170 – Payroll Accounting (3 Cr)
  • BUSA 1130 – Business Professionalism (3 Cr)
  • CIS 1275 – C++ Programming I (3 Cr)
  • CIS 1715 - Overview of Web Technologies (3 Cr)
  • CIS 1730 - Web Publishing (3 Cr)
  • CIS 2763 - Web Programming Framework (3 Cr)
  • ENTR 1110 - Entrepreneurship (3 Cr)
  • ENTR 2110 - Small Business Management (3 Cr)
  • MGMT 2110 – Principles of Management (3 Cr)

School of Communication, Humanities & Social Sciences

  • ANTH 2290 - Anthropology Practicum (variable credit hours)
    • Students will be required to complete an interview with the Faculty Assessor, in addition to creating and submitting their e-portfolio. This will be scheduled by the Faculty Assessor.
  • ENGL 1210 – Technical Communications (3 Cr)
  • ENGL 2210 – Professional and Technical Communication (3 Cr)

School of Health, Wellness & Public Safety

  • CHW 1190 - Community Health Worker (1 Cr)
    • Students will be required to complete an interview with the Faculty Assessor, in addition to creating and submitting their ePortfolio. This will be scheduled by the Faculty Assessor.
  • HIT 1020 – Medical Terminology and Anatomy (3 Cr)
  • PT 1011 – Introduction to Pharmacy Technician (3 Cr)
  • PT 1316 – Pharmacy Technician Pharmacology I (3 Cr)
  • PT 1710 – Intermediate Pharmacy Technician (3 Cr)
  • PT 1716 – Pharmacy Technician Pharmacology II (3 Cr)
  • PT 2010 – Pharmacy Technician Professionalism (3 Cr)
  • PT 2016 – Pharmacy Technology Pharmacology III (3 Cr)
  • PT 2090 – Pharmacy Technician Clinical (3 Cr)

* If you do not see a course listed for which you would like to develop an ePortfolio, you may still submit a request below. Make sure to include the course abbreviation, number, and title in your request. Please note that you may have to wait until the following term to register.

Example Portfolio Learning Narrative

Students who chose to develop a learning portfolio will be required to write a narrative that shows how they have met the student learning outcomes of the course for which they are creating it. Click on the following link to see an example of a learning narrative.

Request ePortfolio Assessment for a Course Not Listed Above

If you would like to request credit by portfolio assessment for a course that is not listed above, please submit a general Request for e-Portfolio Assessment to the CPL Program. If your request is accepted, please note that you may have to wait until the following term to register.