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Distance Learning & Make-up Testing

The Assessment Center at Basehart Temporaries, Portable #2, provides a welcoming, secure, quiet, proctored environment for student testing. The center strives to operate in a diligent manner to assure honesty, integrity and fairness in all testing procedures.


(505) 224-3244

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
8am to 5pm

Saturday (Main Campus BT-2 for Distance Learning and Make-up Exams Only)

9am to 4pm


Exams will be collected 15 minutes prior to closing.

Distance Learning & Make-Up Testing Requirements


Central New Mexico Community College
525 Buena Vista, S.E.; BT # 2 (mailing address)
1401 Basehart S.E. (physical address)
Albuquerque, NM 87106


(505) 224-4233


(505) 224-4494