Blended/Hybrid and Make-Up Testing

Testing for blended/hybrid classes and make-up exams are offered at the CNM Assessment Centers located at Main, Montoya, Westside, and Rio Rancho campuses.

Office Hours

Main Campus

8 a.m. - 7 p.m.

8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Westside, and
Rio Rancho Campuses

8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Student Information

Appointments for blended/hybrid courses and/or make-up testing are now scheduled via RegisterBlast.

Note: Students requiring special accommodations for testing (other than extra-time only) should contact Accessibility Services at (505) 224-3259 or email

  • Exams will only be available at the campus(es) designated by your instructor.
  • Examinees who are more than 15 minutes late may have to reschedule.

Schedule my Exam

Testing Center Rules

  • Students must have a valid photo ID and be listed on the Class Roster or Testing Form in order to test.
  • All personal belongings and electronic devices, including purses, watches, and cell phones, will be collected prior to entering the testing room. We encourage you to leave all belongings at home or secure them in your vehicle.
  • Once the test has begun, the student is expected to complete the exam without interruption.
  • If dishonest behavior is observed it will be documented and the instructor notified.

Testing Center Will Provide

  • Scratch paper and pencils
  • Basic function calculator (Available upon request, if permitted. Graphing calculators are available in limited supply.)
  • Earplugs (Available upon request.)
  • A proctored, secure testing environment.

Note: Walk-in students without an appointment will still need to schedule their exams with RegisterBlast at the Testing Center prior to testing if they arrive after our last available spot for the day they will have to schedule for a different day. Seat availability is limited and reserved only through the RegisterBlast system.

Faculty Information

Students must schedule their appointments for Blended/Hybrid and/or Make-up exams in RegisterBlast before testing. 

  • Online classes are courses taught completely online in a virtual classroom via the Internet and students should be able to complete the course without stepping foot on a CNM campus. For this reason, the Assessment Center does not proctor online courses, but if you have extenuating circumstances that require the use of the Assessment Center, we will review your request on a case-by-case basis.
  • Hybrid classes combine both face-to-face classroom instruction and online learning. For example, in courses where students typically meet face-to-face two days a week, hybrid courses may meet in the classroom once a week, and the remaining course time is spent in an online classroom environment. Hybrid courses require students to have access to a computer.
  • Blended courses are delivered online but require one or more campus visits during the term. Examples include mandatory on-campus orientation and required on-campus proctored exams.

Exam cover sheets (or anticipated testing dates) for Blended/Hybrid tests must be submitted to the mailbox or dropped off in person as early in the term as possible. The first few weeks of the term are preferable, as the department’s staffing needs are determined by anticipated testing volume. Please give us at least 48 hours to process these requests.

A class roster (in Excel) must also be submitted before students will be able to schedule their first test.

Make-up tests can use the same form and should be submitted no later than 24 hours before testing (48 hours or more is preferred).

We will review the cover sheets, contact you if any clarifications or changes are needed, and will then enter it into RegisterBlast on your behalf. It will then be posted and made available on the RegisterBlast student site so students will be able to schedule their tests.

  • The Testing Center will make fewer than ten copies if necessary, but otherwise, we ask that the instructor provide copies and arrange drop-off and pick-up of all test materials (the DPC can assist with copying and delivery).

  • Paper/pencil tests Main Campus is the only campus with dedicated seats for paper/pencil tests. We ask that the bulk of these exams be scheduled for the Main Campus. If you would like to have your paper/pencil test available at a branch campus, please select the campus on the exam cover sheet. However, please limit the number of paper/pencil tests to no more than five students per branch campus. You will also need to provide a PDF file of the test with the exam cover sheet when making submissions, along with a class roster. Instructors are responsible for delivering, or working with DPC to deliver, copies of the exam to Main Campus before the test start date.

  • Upon request, the Testing Center will scan and email completed test materials for return (with the exception of notecards), but we cannot promise a time frame, as it’s dependent on the current testing volume. If you require this service, please make sure it is included in the exam cover sheet.

  • Please call (505) 224-3243 if you have any questions about the test submittal process.

Note: Students requiring special accommodations for testing (other than only extra time) should contact Accessibility Services at (505) 224-3259 or email You may treat students who only need extra time like a make-up request and still use the Assessment Office.

Faculty Access to RegisterBlast

Here you can view a list of the exams that you have submitted and that have been processed and posted. You will also be able to monitor and run reports regarding students’ progress in scheduling and taking your exams. You can navigate to other campuses once you’re logged into your account.

Note: All students need to have an appointment with the Assessment Center RegisterBlast scheduling system prior to testing. If students walk in without an appointment, we will require them to schedule one at that time. Their preferred time may not be available as seat availability is limited and reserved only through the RegisterBlast system, so it is encouraged they schedule prior to arriving to test.