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Risk Management & Safety Office

Who to Call

Fire, Police, Ambulance:

CNM Emergency Dispatch: (505) 224-3001

CNM Non-Emergency Dispatch:
(505) 224-3002

Safety Office:
(505) 224-4657

CNM’s most valuable assets are students and employees, whose efforts have enabled us to achieve the level of educational excellence we enjoy today.

The safety and well-being of every student and employee is the most important element in protecting that asset.  Consequently, CNM is committed to equipping students and employees to study and perform their assigned tasks safely.

The safety program cannot be successful without active participation of all students and employees. As a valued student or employee, you should know your responsibilities so that if you see fellow students or coworkers performing unsafe acts, you can remind them that safety is a top priority.

CNM students and employees are expected to follow all safety and health rules. Failure to follow these important rules could result in injury to yourself or others or damage to CNM property. Disciplinary action could be taken in accordance with current practices, up to and including expelling of students or termination of employment.

Emergency Operations Plan