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Student Testimonials

Trio Student Testimonial Click on this link to view the student testimonial streaming video.

TRIO Poem by Georgia Kincaid (TRIO Alumni)

I came full of fears
You opened doors for me
I had hard times & you were there
TRIO means three
TVI (CNM), you and me
Now my fears are mostly gone
You taught me to see the dawn
Taught me how to relax
To set goals and know the facts
I thank you with all my heart
Because you gave me a new start

I have been a student at CNM for almost two years. I really enjoy going to school here and feel that I am receiving a quality education from CNM. The folks at TRIO have been GREAT!!!  I am proud to be a TRIO student and I am very thankful for all the help they provide. The tutors have given me a distinct advantage with my goal of being a successful student. I meet with them on a weekly basis and am grateful for all the guidance and support they have given me. I will continue to see them in the future and there is no doubt that they have contributed greatly to my collegiate career. I work as a work-study and recommend both CNM and TRIO strongly on the campus tours I give to prospective students. Thanks for giving me the honor to speak out on my experiences here at CNM and TRIO.


~John Bridges, Trio Student

When I started at CNM Community College, I was very uncomfortable. I tried a few times to go onto furthering my education before without success in completing any of it, I had been out of school for quite awhile, and wondered if my brain muscle was still wired for learning. How would I get through the things that outside life was going to toss my direction while the inside life of school was taking place?

My first term on campus I was lost. I was lost as to whom to go to for help when I needed it and what classes I should start with. It had been suggested by another student that I might want to find out what TRIO was, I did.

TRIO has helped me achieve my dream. They offered information pleasantly while on my hunt…I was no bother to them. They offer workshops meaningful to a student’s life, a facility with computers and staff on campus at a less hectic and easy to access area, and consistent and constant availability of staff for advising and tutoring in a welcoming open space.

They physically, mentally, and emotionally assisted the dream strength of my graduation goal by actively working to help bring my mind to a healthier learning position.

It was not only probable but possible and provable to believe that the education dream is achievable. They empowered my strengths with encouragement and minimized my weaknesses by helping me see that even with weaknesses I have learned much.


~Stephanie Lee, Trio Student

Hello, my name is Amanda Rubio: I have been attending CNM for a full two years now and I’m loving it! I am a full time student completing the Liberal Arts Degree and the Paramedic Certificate. My grades were good and I was getting by but when I started the Chemistry 121 course it was difficult. Then I remembered that TRIO offered tutoring services for their students. I then decided to try it out. I met with Isaiah, the Chemistry/Biology tutor. It was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Isaiah helped me so much. He doesn’t just help you figure out the problem but he explains things to you until you understand why you are doing what you are doing. I passed chemistry 121 successfully. By the midterm I was failing. With Isaiah’s tutoring, I went from a “D” to an “A.” I highly recommend the tutoring services at TRIO to everybody.

~Amanda Rubio, Trio Alumni