TRIO Student Resources

TRIO offers students exclusive educational resources and materials including computer access, one-on-one tutoring and transfer assistance.

TRiO Students with SolVisit the TRIO Area

The TRIO area has:

  • Computers, printers, copiers
  • Fax machine, telephone
  • Scientific and graphing calculators

Students are responsible of taking care of equipment and materials and must return them in a timely manner and in good condition.

Student Participation Forms

Meet the TRIO Achievement Group (TAG)

The TRIO Achievement Group (TAG) organizes and facilitates student activities aimed at personal, academic and professional development. Within TRIO, this student club focuses on the development of student leadership skills, motivation, peer mentoring, and community service. For more information, contact Willie Smoker, TAG Advisor at (505) 224-4375 or click on the 'Contact Us' button at the left side of this page.

The TRIO Achievement Group Student Organization at CNM has capitalized on the opportunity to form a club that serves TRIO/CNM students in reaching their academic and career goals. Student leaders coordinate fundraising to help finance club activities, volunteer to help non-profit organizations, and coordinate life enriching activities for fellow students.

Contact Tutoring Services

Visit the TRIO Tutoring Services page for information on both in-person and online tutoring sessions.

Access online study strategies.

Get Help Transferring to Another College or University

10 Habits of Successful Students

Techno Tools

Khan Academy
Students can make use of our extensive library of content, including interactive challenges, assessments, and videos from any computer with access to the web.

Patrick's Just Math Tutorials
Patrick has been teaching mathematics for over 8 years at the college/university level and tutoring for over 15 years. Currently he teaches part time at Austin Community College, but has also taught at Vanderbilt University (a top 20 ranked university) and at the University of Louisville.

Google scholar
A version of the Google search engine directed toward academic research which keeps much of the regular stuff out of a person's search results.

Wolfram Alpha
Not a search engine as much as it's a knowledge engine. The results provided are focused toward academics. Math students can even type in problems and it will not only solve the problem, but demonstrate how it arrived at the solution step by step.

Open Educational Resources
Available to students and teachers that cover a wide range of topics. They are catalogued by grade level and media type.

Student Resources for Online Classes
CNM Blackboard Resources for Students.

CNM's  Instructional Videos & Helpful Links  
Links for Math, Science and Engineering.

Quizlet has no pre-determined curriculum. Students define what they need to learn, and we provide the tools. They help Art History majors learn paintings, Spanish students learn their verbs, 5th graders learn their spelling words, and new waiters learn the menus of their restaurants.