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SUMMER 2015 Previews!

During Summer semester of 2015, CNM will offer one section of The Ancient Legacy (online) and one section of The Modern Legacy (online). Course descriptions are as follows:


CRN: 94557  GNHN 1121, Section 51: The Ancient Legacy: Journey to the Self (Online)  Instructor:  Cecily Corazón

We are often told "You take yourself with you wherever you go." What is the self, and how have we formed our ideas of the self through travel narratives? From Gilgamesh through Oedipus to Ovid's Metamorphoses to Eden to the Inferno, the ancients have defined the emerging concept of the self as an entity that travels, literally and metaphorically. How does human character shift through journeying? Do we see the roots of our own restless wandering through the world in these ancient quests? What is this urge to run -- and what are we running from, or toward?


CRN: 94518  GNHN 1122, Section 51: The Modern Legacy: The Mystery of the Human Condition (online) Instructor:  Erin Lebacqz

Why do we exist? What are we to make of our years on earth? How best should we live them? These questions and many more constitute some of our thoughts on "the human condition" - the fact that we have each come to "exist" through no choice of our own, and that we must do something with our existence. These questions also set the stage for many societal and internal conflicts. This course will examine these questions and their ensuing conflicts through the lenses of philosophy, politics, science, and gender. Readings by Descartes, Nietzsche, Wollstonecraft, Marx and Engels, Voltaire, Chopin, Turgenev, Camus, and T.S. Eliot will help us examine the mystery of our existence and the potential effects of wondering why we live and how we might each choose to live in the way that best suits our individual approach to life.

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