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Important Dates & Deadlines

Information about term dates, events, refunds, financial aid, etc.

Important Dates by Term

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Spring 2015 Important Dates & Deadlines

Term Dates: January 20 – May 7

October 20

Financial Aid appeals can be submitted for Spring

October 20

Students may begin to request Course Repeat permission from the CNM school offering the course

October 20

Schedule of Classes available

November 3

Continuing student registration begins

November 3

Cashier's begins taking 3rd party authorizations

November 14

Payment deadline for continuing students

November 17

New / returning student registration begins
(Payments due next business day)

December 29

Online bookstore charging begins (books are mailed)

December 17

Student on financial aid suspension must pay for their classes by 5:00 p.m.

December 19

Last day to request Course Repeat permission

Dec 22 – January 2

Winter break (all campuses and buildings will be closed)

January 5-28

Bookstore charging open in store

January 9

Students who lost their lottery scholarship will need to pay for their classes

January 16

Last day to appeal for financial aid suspension

January 19

Last day to register for full-term classes

January 19

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (No classes, all campuses and buildings closed)

January 20

First day of the term

January 28

Last day for financial aid and non-financial aid returns at the bookstore

January 30

Cashier's deadline for accepting financial aid and 3rd party authorizations

February 2

Refund deadline for full-time classes

February 2

Last day to drop full-term classes without a W

February 2

Rust Scholarship available for Spring 2015 term

February 4

PLUS loan disbursement

February 5

Census date for full term classes

February 9 – March 16

Bookstore deferment available for short term classes

February 11

Financial aid direct deposit

February 13

Financial aid check release

February 16

Presidents' Day (no classes, offices open)

February 16-20

Financial aid awareness week

February 18

Payment Plan: 1st payment due

February 20

30 day delay loan disbursement

March 8

Daylight Savings time begins

March 11

Last day to sign up for a payment plan

March 16

Financial aid appeals for summer can be submitted

March 18

Payment Plan: 2nd payment due

April 10

Last day to drop full-term classes and to change grade option

May 1

Priority Date for FAFSAs and Bridge Scholarship to be in to Financial Aid

May 7

Last day of term

May 8

Bookstore book rental check-in

May 9

Spring Graduation Ceremony

May 11

Grades available

May 25

Memorial Day (all campuses and buildings closed)

June 30

Student Employment deadline for FAFSA to be in order to work over the Summer term.

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Fall 2014 Important Dates & Deadlines

Term Dates: August 25 – December 11

Jun 23

  • Fall Schedule of Classes Available
  • Financial Aid office will begin accepting financial aid appeals for the Fall term (continuing students will have their appeals processed after grades are put on transcripts at the end of the term)

Jun 23 – Aug 1

Repeat Course Request available at Schools

Jul 4

Independence Day (no classes, offices closed)

Jul 5-6

Non-Instructional Days

Jul 7

Continuing Student Registration begins

July 18

Payment Deadline for Continuing Students

July 21

New & Returning Student Registration
(Payment deadline is the next business day.)

August 4

Last day to process a student loan for 2013-14

Aug 14

Newly suspended FA students will be dropped if no payment is arranged

Aug 15 – Sep 3

Bookstore financial aid charges available (online & in person)

Aug 21

Appeals due for Fall Term

Aug 22

Convocation 8 a.m., Central Lot, NW corner of Coal & Buena Vista

Aug 23

Saturday – Bookstore All 3 Locations Open 10am-3pm

Aug 25

Fall Term Begins

Aug 25 – 29

Bookstore Open 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Sep 1

Labor Day holiday (no classes, offices closed)

Sep 3

Last day for book refund at the Bookstore if financial aid was used (receipt required)

Sep 4 – Dec 2

Rust Scholarship Available

Sep 5

Bookstore refund deadline (cash, check, credit card)

Sep 8

Refund Deadline for all Full-term Classes

Sep 11

Census Day

  • Residency Classification Change deadline for new and returning students
  • Petition for In-State Tuition Classification deadline for continuing students

Sep 17

Financial aid funds release for Direct Deposit

Sep 19

Financial aid check release

Sep 15 – Oct 27

Bookstore deferments available for late start classes

Sep 24

Installment #1 due for Payment Plan

Oct 15


Oct 17

Payment plan no longer available

Oct 20

Financial aid appeals accepted for Spring

Oct 24

Installment #2 due for Payment Plan

Oct 27

Bookstore Deferment End for Late Start Classes

Oct 31


Nov 2

Daylight Savings Time ends

Nov 11

Veterans Day

Nov 14

Last day to change a grading option or withdraw from full-term classes

Nov 27–28

Thanksgiving Holiday

Nov 29–30

Non-Instructional Days

Dec 6

Graduation (12-2:00, Tingley Coliseum)

Dec 11

End of term

Dec 12

Book Rental Check-in deadline

Dec 12

Fall Graduation Application deadline

Dec 14

Grades available

Dec 21

First day of Winter

Dec 22 – Jan 2

Winter Break

Jan 16

Last Day to Submit Financial Aid appeal

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