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Are you attending classes in the Spring term or during Intersession? Make sure you have a CNM parking permit! Park…
December 3, 2021
Fri Dec 03 10:48:06 2021
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Have you registered for the Spring term yet? If not, we are here to help! Whatever questions you may have, or roa…
December 2, 2021
Thu Dec 02 11:35:03 2021
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We are proud to announce that a food pantry is now open on CNM’s Main Campus in the SRC library! The pantry will b…
December 1, 2021
Wed Dec 01 14:15:04 2021
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Need a study break heading into Finals week? We've got you covered! There will be coffee, drinks, snacks, and boar…
December 1, 2021
Wed Dec 01 07:18:02 2021

CNM Soars Nationally

#1 Associate Degrees & Certificates for Hispanics
#1 Associate Degrees & Certificates for Native Americans
#2 Associate Degrees & Certificates for all Students
Source: U.S. Department of Education

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