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We are excited to announce that PTK has another mobile food pantry scheduled for October 24th! 🥳 • This food pantry…
September 24, 2020
Thu Sep 24 13:30:16 2020
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Are you interested in improving the student experience? If your brain is filled with ways that you could organize…
September 23, 2020
Wed Sep 23 20:26:00 2020
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Today is National Voter Registration Day! Go to and get yourself registered today! Then ta…
September 22, 2020
Tue Sep 22 10:38:02 2020
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Don’t forget to register. Can’t wait to see you there!! 🤩
September 17, 2020
Thu Sep 17 17:36:39 2020

CNM Soars Nationally

#1 Associate Degrees & Certificates for Hispanics
#1 Associate Degrees & Certificates for Native Americans
#2 Associate Degrees & Certificates for all Students
Source: U.S. Department of Education

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