Cooperative for Teaching & Learning (CTL)

CNM's Professional Development for Faculty, by Faculty

The Cooperative for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is an organization of CNM faculty that fosters internal partnerships across the college to support faculty needs through orientation and professional development. It also supports and enhances faculty collegiality across schools and departments. The faculty-led CTL Coordinating Committee is responsible for the CTL. More info about CTL leadership.

Through reflective practice, faculty determine their own learning needs and areas of improvement, and the CTL provides support and resources for faculty to achieve their classroom teaching goals. The CTL employs a variety of strategies to meet the professional support and development needs of CNM’s faculty.

Faculty Development Initiatives

The CTL coordinates a New Faculty Support program to provide needed resources to newly-hired CNM faculty.  

The CTL continually creates a faculty-driven faculty development program designed to help faculty self-reflect, self-determine, and self-direct their individual and peer group professional development needs related to teaching and learning. Initiatives include Reflective PracticePeer Coaching, and Faculty Learning Circles.

Faculty Development Resources

Visit the CTL Faculty Development Resources page to access online teaching resources and just-in-time ideas and solutions, including our subscription to Magna Campus videos and articles. Peruse the CTL's Be Exceptional Newsletter and learn about the CTL Professional Library for teaching and learning.

CTL Events

The annual January CNM Conference on Teaching and Learning has become a highlight of the professional development year at CNM. 

Every August, the CTL hosts Faculty Focus Day, an opportunity for CNM faculty to benefit from a wide range of professional development and training opportunities that may not be accessible during the busy weeks of the term.

Other CTL events and sessions can be viewed at the CTL Professional Development Calendar.

Want to Participate? CNM faculty and staff who would like more information about accessing CTL offerings or contributing to CTL efforts can contact