How to Use Your Cellphone as a Webcam

If you want to take the Accuplacer remotely, you can now use your cellphone as a webcam.


1. When scheduling your remote Accuplacer test, check the box that asks if you need a webcam.

Example of check box

2. You will receive an email from your test proctor the evening before your scheduled test. The email will be sent to the email address you used when scheduling your test and will include remote test preparation instructions, including a link to the Zoom app needed for the test.

3. Click on the link and download the Zoom app to your cell phone and the computer you will be using to take your test.

4. Silence your cellphone and place it in a position that allows the proctor to see your computer monitor, your workspace, and yourself (see pictures below). Your cellphone will remain there for the duration of the test. Be sure your phone is adequately charged or plugged into its charger.

Student preparing to take Accuplacer test

5. Your proctor will help you through the test setup and administer the test.

6. When your test has concluded, you may leave the meeting and remove the Zoom app from your device.