Prerequisites, Co-Requisites, and Special Clearance

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A prerequisite is a course that must be completed with a grade of “C” or better before taking a higher level course. For example, to take a 2000 level (sophomore level) English course, you might have to take a 1000 level (freshman level) English course first. Prerequisite courses teach the skills needed to be successful in the next level course.

A "recommended" prerequisite is one that is strongly encouraged to prepare a student for success in a higher level course. But it is not required.

A student actively taking a prerequisite course can register for the next more advanced course in the next term. But if the student receives a final grade of "D," "F,” "NC," "W,” or "I" in the prerequisite course, they will be dropped from the more advanced course.


A corequisite is a course that is either recommended or required to be taken at the same time as another course. For example, a biology course might require a biology lab course be taken during the same term. If you want to drop a course that has a required corequisite, the corequisite must be dropped also.

All required prerequisites and corequisites are enforced when a student attempts to register. All prerequisites and corequisites are listed in the course descriptions that can be found in the CNM Catalog.

There are five ways to meet a course prerequisite requirement:

  • Enroll in the prerequisite course at CNM. Complete it with a passing grade of "C" or higher.
  • If you have completed an equal level course at another regionally accredited college with a “C” or higher, it might meet the prerequisite requirement.
  • Reaching certain scores on the Accuplacer placement exam could qualify you to bypass a prerequisite.
  • ACT or SAT scores that are not more than five years old could qualify you to bypass a prerequisite.
  • Request special clearance.

Arts & Sciences: Courses numbered 1001 and above with subject codes: ANTH, ARBC, ART, ARTS, ARTH, ASTR, BIO, CHEM, COMM, CST, ECON, ENG, FREN, GEOG, GER, GNHN, HIST, HUM, JOUR, MATH, MUS, NUTR, PHIL, PHYS, PORT, PSCI, PSY, RLGN, SOC, SPAN, THEA. 
Developmental: Courses 0999 and below.
CTE: Courses numbered 1001 and higher and not listed as Arts & Sciences.

Special Prerequisite Clearance

New students may--during their first term registration--request a special prerequisite clearance based on unofficial documents.

If the prerequisite is an Arts and Sciences or Developmental course, students may fill out the One Time Request for Prerequisite Clearance. Before requesting the clearance, the student must first determine whether the prerequisite is an Arts & Sciences, Developmental, or Career and Technical (CTE) course. 

If the prerequisite is a CTE course, visit the school housing the course.  More information can be found in the CNM catalog.

Important: A student should seek approval for the clearance BEFORE attempting to register to minimize delays. Otherwise, the student will not be permitted to register or waitlist for the course(s).