Registration Waitlists

Important: Being on a Waitlist does not guarantee a new section of the class will be created, registration in a class, and does not waive a course prerequisite or co-requisite.

Waitlist Questions and Answers provides specific information on how to access registration waitlists.

If a class is full* ... Students may put their names on a “Registration Waitlist.”  

If a space becomes available during registration for the class, the first student on the list will be notified via their myCNM e-mail account.  Or, you can check to see if the option "Registered" is available, by clicking the drop down menu in the action box.

The Waitlist system operates 24/7, including weekends and holidays.

It is highly recommended that the Waitlisted student check his/her myCNM email account daily.** If the student does not register for the class within the time allotted in the email notification, he/she will be removed from the waitlist.  Classes with special enrollment restrictions do not have Waitlists. (See Waitlist Deadlines chart for Fall, Spring or Summer term).

See Waitlist Deadlines chart for Fall, Spring or Summer terms.

If a class has a waitlist with students on it and an opening occurs, only those students on the waitlist can register for the class. 

The opportunity to register for the class is available only to those on the waitlist until there are no students on the waitlist. Example: If an opening occurs in the class, the first person on the waitlist will be notified. If that person does not register for the class within the allowed time, the second person on the list will be notified. However, if three openings occur in the class the first three people on the list will be notified.

The academic schools closely monitor waitlists and will add a new section of the class as appropriate. 

  • New section considerations include instructor availability, classroom or lab accessibility, and the college’s minimum class enrollment criteria. New sections may need to be added on different days and times. 
  • If a new section is opened, academic schools will email each student on the waitlist at his/her myCNM email account and give each student the opportunity to enroll in the new section before it is made available to all CNM students. 
  • Students should not directly contact the academic school, program chair, director, or class instructor.
  • When a class is reserved for the registration of waitlisted students, all other students trying to register for the class will receive the following message “Temp Reserved for WL Students”.

Registration Waitlists will be turned off two days before every part of term begins in which the class is offered. This means a student will not be able to Waitlist a course for that part of term.

The Waitlist Deadlines chart lists the last day to waitlist for each part of Fall, Spring or Summer term.


** Albuquerque Public Libraries and Rio Rancho Public Libraries have computers that can be used by those (with a valid library card) who do not have internet access at home. Some libraries are open evenings and weekends. CNM Open Computer Labs are also available for student use.