Registration Error Codes

The most common error students encounter when registering is the "attribute" error. The table below will help you to understand what the error means and how to correct it.
Error Message Explanation

Student Attribute Restriction

The class you are attempting to register for has an attribute that does not match your student attribute.

For example – You are a General student, but you are attempting to register for an Online College course.

Please locate a different section of the course you have chosen.

The registration period has ended for this class.

You can only register for a course up until the day before it starts. Please locate a later starting course. If you are attempting to register for a course the day it starts or after, please reach out to the instructor.
Student Status prevents registration The “Student” portion of your myCNM account is not active. Admissions applications remain active until you have not taken a course for three consecutive terms. Please submit an updated Admissions application for the term in which you would like to take credit courses.

You do not meet the prerequisite(s) for this course

A prerequisite is a course that must be completed with a grade of “C” or better before taking a higher-level course. The system is not recognizing that you meet this requirement.

Corequisite required

A corequisite is a course that is required to be taken at the same time as another course. Please add the appropriate corequisite and resubmit your request.

Exceeding credit limit

If you are planning to take more than 18 credit hours, please see an Academic Coach. If you would like to change from a Visitor to a regular student, please contact (505) 224-3000.

Class is full; waitlist is open

Class is full. Choose “Waitlist” instead of “Register” from the dropdown menu to place yourself on the wait list for the class. Check your email daily while you are waitlisted for a class.

Department Approval Required Departmental Approval is required to enroll in certain courses. Please contact the academic school in charge of the course for more information.

Duplicate course

Students can only register for one section of a course in a term. If you are repeating an intersession course and receiving this error, please contact the Registration Office.
Learning Communities

This course is part of a group of linked sections that must be taken together and you must submit all linked courses at the same time in order to register. Please check the Learning Communities website to confirm which sections are linked.

Repeat Error – You must request an override to take this course a third time

If you are taking a course for the third time, please request permission by following the instructions listed at on the Course Repeat Process page prior to the deadline listed.

You have holds which prevent registration

Please resolve the holds on your account and try again. You can call (505) 224-3000 for more information.

Section is invalid

The CRN you have entered is no longer active. You can call (505) 224-3000 for confirmation.


Administrative staff are reviewing your registration records at this time

Only one user can access your registration records at one time. Please wait some time before trying again to access your registration records.

Time tickets prevent registration

The registration system is unavailable nightly between 10 p.m. and midnight, so students may receive this error if they attempt to register between these times.

Students will also receive this error if they attempt to register for a semester prior to the date and time listed on their DegreeWorks program evaluation.