Learn about the registration process and how to sign up for classes.

Having Trouble? 

If you still have questions, you can check out these helpful registration videos to learn how to add and drop classes, view your position on the waitlist, register with waitlist permission, and more. 

If you know what classes you need, but need help registering, please reach out to us.

Steps to Register

Follow these steps for successful registration. 

1. Research

CNM has several resources available to help you plan your schedule for each term, all the way through graduation. 

  • Learn what classes will get you closer to graduation and your goal by visiting EduNav.
  • Visit our course catalog to learn more about the courses you're interested in and degree requirements.

2. Plan

Once you have an idea of the classes you'd like to take, you can create a schedule. 

  • The Schedule of Classes is a resource for viewing class availability, online or on-campus locations, course times, and instructor information.

3. Register

Once you know what you want to sign up for, you're ready to register.

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