The Block Plan: One Course at a Time

Coming soon, the Block Plan offers you a structured General Education pathway for pursuing an Associate of Art (A.A.) or Associate of Science (A.S.) degree.

The Block Plan info graphic

The Block Plan is a unique opportunity to complete your General Education requirements by taking one class at a time, with each class lasting only five weeks.

Under the Block Plan, one five-week class equals one block. For example, a semester may be composed of three blocks; this means that the semester has three classes, with each class taking place over a five-week period. You will also take one class at time, so when you finish one class in a given semester, the next one will begin.

The Block Plan consists of 11 total blocks over the course of four semesters:

  • Semester 1: Three blocks
  • Semester 2: Three blocks
  • Semester 3: Two blocks
  • Semester 4: Three blocks

Students enrolled in the Block Plan will be a part of a cohort moving through the sequence of predetermined classes together. You are guaranteed seats in all 11 classes. Every semester, classes share common themes and content, giving you a more integrated learning experience.

Classes will be held on Main Campus and are planned to be 100% in-person. 

Email for more information about the program.

Program Benefits

  • Focused Learning: If you are fascinated by a subject, dive deep and immerse yourself in it. Alternately, if the subject is not your favorite, you will be pleased to have it finished in only five weeks rather than studying it across an entire semester.
  • Reduced Stress Level: With traditional scheduling, you must quickly shift mindsets from one subject to another and manage different assignments from multiple classes. This kind of stress can be reduced by studying one class at a time.
  • Flexibility in Your Life: The consistent and predictable class times from term to term make scheduling other life activities easier. You will have more time for work, people, and other responsibilities.

  • Set Class Schedule: No trying to figure out what classes to take from one semester to another; your class schedule has been set for you and you will have guaranteed seats in these classes.
  • Built-in Support System: You and your classmates will begin the program together, go through the sequence of classes together, and finish the program together.
  • Enhanced Learning Experience: The courses scheduled within the same semester are linked to provide opportunities for you to explore interesting and important themes. You will make connections between disciplines and develop a deeper understanding of the course content.